Open source WYSIWYG landing page builder powered by Tailwind & enhanced with AI

Visually create web pages, landing pages and more using Tailwind – the world’s most popular CSS framework – and easily generate images, text and even HTML with AI

The mainland

Getting started couldn’t be easier

Integrate Mainland into your own app or use it as a standalone app in just a few steps

<div id="mainland-widget"></div>

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

  target: "#mainland-widget",
  blocks: [
      label: "Section",
      attributes: { class: "mld-section" },
      content: `<section></section>`,

WYSIWYG powerful enough for the pros

A fully featured visual landing page builder that still gives you full, quick access to every Tailwind CSS class whenever you need it

Screenshot of Mainland classes
Screenshot of Mainland AI

AI – but only where it makes sense

You know point and click and drag and drop – now meet text-to-markup. Generate paragraphs, bullet points, images and HTML with Mainland’s OpenAI integration

Build responsive pages. Fast and mobile first.

With Mainland you start mobile first by default and build your responsive pages the right way everytime. Never again wait until the last minute to build out your mobile pages.

Screenshot of Mainland responsive

Mainland is supported by users like you

Mainland is proudly open source and will always be free. But you can also pay for premium funcionality and support.